I’m Steph, author of the novel The Annie Year, published in October 2016 from Unnamed Press.

“Introducing Tandy Caide, a big-boned, hard-nosed pragmatist and the only CPA in her small prairie town. Except for the home explosions caused by her town’s unfortunate methamphetamine problem, her life is a steady churn of Chamber of Commerce meetings, bean soup, crop rotations, barely tolerable high school musicals, and passive aggressive conflict avoidance. Until the new vocational agriculture teacher shows up—with his ponytail and his man clogs and his multicolored beaded belt. He’s all wrong for this town, and especially wrong for Tandy, who happens to be married. But, as Tandy notes, “Everyone gets to f*ck a fool at least once in their life.”…

I am a former editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. And I was one of the literary/musical comedians behind the Lit 6 Project (loud, drunken, funny, connected stories told in bars across the Midwest), the Electric Arc Radio Show (episodic musical comedy heard on Minnesota Public Radio), and Don’t Crush Our Heart! (the world’s only full-length twee-pop musical/courtroom drama).

I am now editorial director of a small liberal arts college (Gustavus Adolphus College) in a small prairie town in Minnesota similar to the one in which I was raised. Occasionally I parent four children, all teenagers. I am married to novelist/professor Geoff Herbach, and I split my time between Minneapolis and Mankato, Minnesota, which is where, on TV’s Little House on the Prairie, Mary learns she is going blind and Albert becomes addicted to morphine. In Mankato I live in a log cabin originally homesteaded by German immigrants but rebuilt with two bathrooms and radiant floor heating, just like the pioneers always dreamed.

EMAIL steph | stephaniewilburash | com
PHONE 612.418.8338
STREET 4400 Upton Ave., S. | #201 | Mpls. | 55410

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