Hi. I’m Steph, author of the novel The Annie Year, published in October 2016 from Unnamed Press.

I am also the editorial director of a small liberal arts college in Minnesota. I lead, manage, create, and edit branded content and magazine content, messaging, and narrative in all forms and mediums, from Insta posts to commissioned essays to case statements to music videos.

I am a content producer, editor, and strategist with experience creating, writing, editing, and leading editorial content and content marketing in a variety of forms and mediums. For large and small companies, nonprofit entities, universities, magazines, startups, shows, and students—and always on deadline. An unabashed pragmatic. A fan of witty one-liners. A believer in human potential. A service-first creative, attentive to internal and external clients. A goal-oriented, human-oriented leader focused on growth with intelligence and authenticity.

For a long time I was an editor at Mpls.St.Paul Magazine. I was one of the literary/musical comedians behind the Lit 6 Project (loud, drunken, funny, connected stories told in bars across the Midwest), the Electric Arc Radio Show (episodic musical comedy heard on Minnesota Public Radio), and Don’t Crush Our Heart! (the world’s only full-length twee-pop musical/courtroom drama). I have sometimes appeared in public as the character Goth Mom.

I am married to novelist/professor Geoff Herbach and split my time between Minneapolis and Saint Peter, Minnesota.

EMAIL steph | stephaniewilburash | com
PHONE 612.418.8338

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