Higher Education

college guide 6

Access to higher education for all people has been my mantra ever since I put myself through college. Higher education has been a content specialty of mine since my first full-time job out of college: I was the communications associate for the Minnesota state agency that administers financial aid. There I made content for audiences ranging from fifth-graders to legislators, and led the redevelopment of the website (at age 26). I was even the secretary of the Minnesota Association of Admissions Counselors of Color—one of my favorite professional service activities ever, even though I was neither an admissions counselor nor a person of color.

With that knowledge and experience under my belt, I’ve had the privilege to make content related to and supporting Minnesota colleges for almost twenty years.

Most recently I’ve written the feature package “Study Here, Stay Here,” with interviews from the likes of MnSCU chancellor Steven Rosenstone, and employment statistics from the Minnesota State Demographic Center. I’ve also written about “The New Two-Year College” and the idea of “College for Work,” supported by Governor Mark Dayton. I’ve written too many college prep feature packages to count. In addition to my occasional teaching of college-level writing and media courses, my husband is a creative writing professor.

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